Pre & Post Op Physiotherapy

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy is generally an exercise-based intervention prescribed to the patient before you undergo surgery. This stage is often known as pre-habilitation. This stage of your rehabilitation helps you to recover quickly and has a positive effect on pain and function pre and post-surgery.

Following surgery, the body will not regain normal movement without the guidance from a qualified medical professional. Physiotherapists are specifically trained to restore range of movement and strength and are trained to ensure re-injury doesn’t occur during this process.

Pre & Post Op Physiotherapy

Laura Cattell

Clinical Lead

Jolien Borrenberghs


Shannel Hutchinson

Sports Therapist / Soft Tissue Therapist

Goal setting is key to minimising the adverse effects of surgery. For example pain and swelling as well as aiming to restore normal movement, flexibility, and function.

The patient and a member of our team will work together to establish functional goals relevant to your normal activities of living.

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre provides patients with a physiotherapy service that is personable and caring.

We take the time to properly diagnose the cause of pain, and implement a treatment and rehabilitation programme focused on individual patient requirements.

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