Sports Therapy

We all have different reasons for exercising. Whether it is to gain strength, improve your health and fitness, or performance enhancement, it is important to exercise in a safe environment with professionals who are qualified to do so.

Sports Therapy specifically focuses on preventing injury and on rehabilitation of the patient back to the best possible levels of function. Sports Therapy treatments are not just beneficial to the sports person, but to anyone with aches, pains or injuries.

It focuses highly on the individual’s lifestyle, including profession, fitness levels, hobbies, posture and general lifestyle. This is done by a comprehensive, initial assessment which will include a full posture assessment, spoken and physical assessment to fully understand where the root of the pain is coming from.

It is important to make sure you are in the best possible state prior to your surgery. Sports Therapists work with many people who are due; knee and hip replacement, frozen shoulder surgery, impingement surgery, back surgery and much more. They work with all different ages and abilities.

Preparing your body physically though exercise is not wasted time prior to an operation!! If your soft tissue is In a ‘good / healthy’ state before surgery, it is likely to reduce recovery time post operation. Sports Therapists work by providing personally tailored exercises plans and provide treatment (where appropriate).

Post operation rehabilitation is just as important as pre-operation. We always recommend that our clients follow the advise of their surgeon and aftercare team after an operation, however we are also here to help. We can provide post operative rehabilitation exercises and treatment to help reduce healing time, reduce scar tissue, reduce pain and improve mobility… getting you back on track sooner!

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Shannel Hutchinson

Sports Therapist / Soft Tissue Therapist

Our Sports Therapists specialise in movement restoration and injury rehabilitation.

Our team has the expertise to optimise your movement and recovery from acute to chronic injury. The team is well equipped to work with Physiotherapists with any constraints you may have . We will often work with your physiotherapists to achieve targets in strength and conditioning before you return to sport, for example.

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre provides patients with a physiotherapy service that is personable and caring.

We take the time to properly diagnose the cause of pain, and implement a treatment and rehabilitation programme focused on individual patient requirements.

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