At Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, we offer a complete biomechanical assessment of the feet with one of our lower limb therapists.

In this consultation, a detailed history will be taken and a physical examination of the foot including arch and pressure measurements to ensure that the orthotic you require will be specific for your needs.


Laura Cattell

Clinical Lead

Jolien Borrenberghs


Shannel Hutchinson

Sports Therapist / Soft Tissue Therapist

We can assess and develop a Semi-Bespoke Orthotic for the following conditions at an affordable price to complement your rehabilitation:

  • Pes Planus * 
  • Pes Cavus*
  • Plantar Fasciitis* 
  • Meta-Tarsal Stress Overload*
  • Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction 
  • Adult Acquired Flat Foot Deformity
  • Interdigital neuralgia
  • Athletic Foot Conditions

Call and book a diagnostic consultation today if you require Orthotics or an assessment from one of our lower limb clinicians.

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre provides patients with a physiotherapy service that is personable and caring.

We take the time to properly diagnose the cause of pain, and implement a treatment and rehabilitation programme focused on individual patient requirements.

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