DJO Brace

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre are the exclusive fitting centre to DJO Bracing.

DJO is a leader in bracing and supports, offering performance, protection and recovery for knee, ankle, elbow, back, wrist, shoulder and more. We believe in Powering motion and through a partnership of proven physician protocols and high-quality products that promote patient healing through movement. Their products are lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear and apply, and trust by doctors, elite athletes and patients from all walks of life.

DJO Knee Brace

Laura Cattell

Clinical Lead

Jolien Borrenberghs


Shannel Hutchinson

Sports Therapist / Soft Tissue Therapist

If you are going skiing, recovering from surgery or looking to support your osteoarthritic knees then please give us a call.

If you think you may require a brace or an assessment from one of our clinicians call and book a diagnostic consultation today.

Freedom Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre provides patients with a physiotherapy service that is personable and caring.

We take the time to properly diagnose the cause of pain, and implement a treatment and rehabilitation programme focused on individual patient requirements.

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